At Meraki Hair Creations we are Blonde Hair Specialists. Do you want to know why? 

We will tell you anyway.


Our team of expert stylists are trained to be truthful and full of information for us to educate you on YOUR hair journey. 

We work under the control of Chemicals and mix that with your own individual hair type to achieve a colour customised to suit YOU! 

That is not picking an image from Pinterest and promising to deliver that exact photo. 

But why can’t we do that for you? 

Because everyone’s hair journey starts somewhere different, which will mean it will end some where different. No two beings are exactly the same so no promises can be made going off an image of someone else. 

One other thing! 


Each individual hair strand is its own and can only take so much abuse, (we ALL abuse our hair by heat tools, colouring ect) so that one time you went from blonde to brown then back from brown to blonde in one sitting or just a few visits doesn’t mean you have strong hair and you can do it again. I can assure you if your hair is past your shoulders it is more than 1-2 years old, it has survived every degree of heat, every saturation of Chemicals and all the times you couldn’t be bothered to add a conditioning treatment. 

We are all only human 


Won’t mean that you can do it over and over again. 

We will continue to stand by keeping the integrity of your hair whilst starting a hair journey tailored to YOUR LIFESTYLE. At times you will hear our stylists say “NO”. This is all because we have you and most importantly your hairs best interest at heart. ♥️ So if you want to visit a salon you are most important to call for a complimentary consultation today! 

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