Secrets to low maintenance hair – Shhhh

Being a mum can be tiring, exhausting and overwhelming – so I hear. I am not a mum myself but in my industry 90% of my time is spent helping mums feel human again. Sometimes that is being an ear to listen, but mostly by giving them a hairstyle to suit their lifestyle.

I believe when your hair is right, everything else falls into place.

I’ve put together my top tips for busy mums so they can get the most out of their salon experience, maintain their hair at home, and ultimately reduce time spent in the salon chair.

1) Pick colours close to your natural hair colour!

If you have dark hair, hate regrowth, but really want light hair, go for a colour melt or balayage colour. These colours are so versatile and can be personalised to suit you! You can still have highlights around your face to give you lightness, but keeping some depth at the roots will help it blend as your natural comes through.

I also suggest the more white hairs you have (grey) the lighter you should be! This avoids having contrast between the colour you have just spent a lot of money on against the lovely white naturals that poke through.

Sulphate free shampoo is your best friend when you have coloured hair. Sulphate is a form of salt and salt breaks down the colour molecules that sit in your hair shaft. The more they get broken down the faster the colour will fade.

My biggest tip with Summer weather on its way is, before swimming, use a leave in conditioner or serum to coat your hair first. Our hair is like a sponge and will only absorb so much moisture before it is “full”. Filling your hair with a product first will allow the salt or chlorine to rinse straight off the outside layer of your hair rather than eat away at the condition and colour.

2) Taking care of blonde hair so it doesn’t turn yellow

Blonde hair is like white silk. Excessive heat will discolour your beautiful blonde the way an iron would to that white silky dress.

Be sure to use a thermal protection spray before hot tools. A purple shampoo will also assist. Purple shampoo’s will counteract yellow to neutralise the colour back to a creamy blonde.

There is different strength purple shampoos, and be careful as some can also dry your hair out. We recommend milk_shake Silver Shine as a purple shampoo you use once a fortnight or when you feel you need it. This purple shampoo speaks for yourself. After trying every purple shampoo there is on offer ourselves this is what we have found to be most effective. It leaves your blondes bright and brass free as well as keeping your hair shiny and hydrated. With a retail price of $25.95 you cant go without it. 

Or TIGI Catwalk – Fashionista violet is a beautiful blonde shampoo that can be used every wash. This won’t over tone your hair but will maintain a crisp creamy blonde and is nice and nourishing.

3) Salon quality home care

After spending over $100 in the salon chair this is so important. Supermarket shampoo and conditioners usually are super diluted, and filled with silicone and detergents. These products generally sit on the outside of your hair shaft.

Silicone will coat your hair giving it the shiny glossy feel we all expect out of a shampoo and conditioner, but really it is just covering the damaged hair with a thin layer of clear shiny silicone.

Once we remove the silicone either with a colour service or cleansing shampoo, we uncover the true condition of your hair.

Salon quality products are more concentrated – this means you use less. They also work from the inside out. No you WON’T get a silky shiny effect with one wash but it will fill your hair full of the goodness it needs. Once your hair has absorbed all the goodness it needs, the products will start to sit on the outside of your hair just like a sponge. Keeping your hair healthy, shiny and giving your colour better longevity.

4) Popular low maintenance style for mamas

I have learnt mums often want to do less with their hair. The ultimate “mum” style I love is the long textured bob.

The “lob” is a style that looks best when it is un-done! Short hair to me that cannot be tied up MUST be styled. This is long enough to tie back but also has lots of shape so when you have the time to pull it out of a hair tie it won’t just “hang” there.

Long hair has a tendency to feel like it is just hanging if it has no shape and you don’t have time to style it. This easy style can be styled the day or even two days before and will keep shape and movement.

The “lob” also looks great light or dark.

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